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Mathematics is the language of natural science, which is essential for human's understanding of natural phenomena. Mathematics is clear, rigorous, and beautiful. Pure mathematics comprises algebra which studies rigid structures such as number systems, analysis which studies quantitative investigations, and geometry which studies the structure of spaces. Applied mathematics includes cryptography, image processing, numerical analysis, optimization, as well as artificial intelligence, and addresses the real world problems that connect mathematics to natural science, engineering, economics and sociology. Department of Mathematics at Ewha Womans University is one of the few mathematics departments in Korea in which pure mathematics and applied mathematics are well balanced. Our department possesses outstanding capability and performance both in research and education.

Educational Purpose and Objectives

  1. Students are trained to think logically through an understanding of the fundamental concepts of modern mathematics and the overall system of mathematics.
  2. Students learn to understand and develop the relationship between mathematics and related disciplines, and to apply mathematics to a wide range of fields in science and technology to become mathematicians with the capacity to contribute to the development of science and technology.
  3. Students who want to learn mathematics in more depth can get some opportunities to take part in research through the research internship programs.
  4. Students can attain teaching profession such as middle or high school mathematics teachers through teaching qualification courses.
  5. Students are raised to be talented individuals who are proficient at advanced computer technology required in the modern information society, and are capable of solving crucial problems in science and technology of the future.