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Prof. Jae-Hyouk Lee

Geometry Lab

Faculty Introduction
Prof. Jae-Hyouk Lee
Prof. Jae-Hyouk Lee
Research Area
  • Differential Geometry
  • Algebraic Geometry
  • Symplectic Geometry
Lab Introduction

We study differentail geometry, symplectic geometry, and algebraic geometry. Distinctive characters and uniform aspects of these geometries, especially octonions, are main motives for our researches.

The researches have been successfully performed in the geometry of manifolds with special holonomies, comparative study of polytopes and complex surfaces along the representations of exceptional Lie groups. Therefrom, we contribute to construct new geometric spaces and to produce creative comparative studies among them. These were published in Advances in Mathematics and Transactions of the American Mathematical Society.

Major research projects and Research achievements
Major research projects and Research achievements
  • Geometry of polygon spaces via spin representation
  • Isoparametric geometry of spheres and complex geometry of spherical varieties
  • Geometry along the magic square and its complexification
  • Comparative study of moment polytopes in symplectic geometry and algebraic geometry
Selected research papers
  • Lee, J.-H. “Gosset Polytopes in Picard Groups of del Pezzo Surfaces” Canadian Journal of mathematics 64 no1 (2012) 123-150,
  • Lee, J.-H. “Gosset Polytopes and Configuration of lines in del Pezzo Surfaces”Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. 366, (2014) 4939-4967
  • Lee, J.-H. “Contaction of del Pezzo surfaces to P^2or P^1 ×P^1 ”Rocky Mountain Journal of Mathematics 46(4) (2016) 1263-1273
  • Clingher, A. and Lee, J.-H. “Lorentizian Lattices and E-polytopes” Symmetry-Basel. (2018) 10 (10)
  • Lee, J.-H., Park, K.-D. and Yoo, S.“ Kahler-Einstein Metrics on Smooth Fano Symmetric Vaieties with Picard Number One, Mathematics, 2021
Graduate Students
  • Eunjeong Lee Ph. D student
    Research Area: Geometry/Topology
  • Myoungyoun Kim Ph. D student
    Research Area: Geometry/Topology